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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

People who can use the Library

·         Our university students, academic and administrative staff,

·         External researchers,

·         As a requirement of interuniversity cooperation, other university lecturers and students can use our library.

·         External users doing research can only use the library during working hours (08:00 to 17:00 on weekdays) due to lack of physical space and security,

·         External users cannot borrow books.


Entrance /Exit to the Library

·          Our university students and academic and administrative staff can enter our library with our university ID cards.

·         External researchers, on the other hand, can only enter the library during working hours (08:00 to 17:00 on weekdays) with their guest ID cards given by the Rectorate.

Rules to be followed in the Library

·         It is not allowed to enter the library with food and drink.

·         It is not allowed to speak loudly in the library.

·         It is not allowed to talk on mobile phones in the library building.

·         It is not allowed to shoot with unauthorized camera, camera, mobile phone etc. in the library.

·         Group work is not allowed in rooms except for study rooms.

·         Tables and chairs cannot be replaced.

·         A seat cannot be reserved; more than one chair and table cannot be occupied.

·         Library materials, except for borrowable materials, cannot be taken outside the building. Those who take them out are notified to the Rectorate to initiate legal action.

·         Tools and materials which are considered a crime according to the relevant legislation cannot be used in the library.

·         All areas, furniture and collections of the library are used cleanly and with care.

·         The computers in the library are only used for education and research purposes. Those who use it for other purposes are notified to their departments in order to initiate disciplinary action.

·         Those who use the library should keep their personal belongings with them. Library staff is not responsible for lost items.

·         The materials examined and used in the library are left on the study tables.

·         Books cannot be shelved by users.

·         If necessary, control can be made at the entrance and exit of the library.

·         Regarding the usage rules of the library, users must obey the warnings of the staff. 



Using Group Study Rooms


·         A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people with Mersin University ID cards can use the Group Study Rooms.

·          Rooms are allocated to users in return for their identities.

·         Rooms are used for a maximum of 2 hours, the time can be extended if there is no demand and it can be shortened during exam periods.

·          Group study rooms and equipment should be meticulously used.

·          Chairs from other rooms cannot be moved into the room.

·          The loudness in the allocated rooms should not affect other users and services.

·         After use, the equipment belonging to the room is left as received. If the room and equipment are found to be missing during the audit, the users who leave their ID are responsible.

·          It is not allowed to enter the study room with food and drink.

·          Books and other materials belonging to the library should not be left in the study rooms. They should be delivered to the borrowing desk.

·         If the usage rules are not followed, the users are taken out and the room allocation is canceled.

·          The users whose usage period expired must hand over the room.

·          When you want to extend the time, you should talk with the person in charge.

·         Users must pay the damage caused by the loss of the room key.

·          Users who do not comply with the above-mentioned study room usage rules are not allocated rooms for 2 months.

Library users are considered to have accepted all library rules.

For detailed information, check the "Library Instruction".