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Library Directives

Library Directives





Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions


Article 1 – Purpose of the directive; It is organized to determine the establishment, organization, duty, authority, reponsibility and working principles of the libraries within Mersin University.


Article 2- This directive is fort he establshment of libraries within libraries Mersin Uniersity. It includes provisions on organization, duties and working principles.


This directive has been prepared on the basis of Article 14 the Higher Education Law No.2547 and

Article 3-3 of the Decree Law No.24 on the Administrarive Organization of Higher Education Ost Institutions and Higher Education Institutions.


Article 4

In this directive:

a)     On university: Mersin University

b)    Senate: Mersin University Senate

c)     Department : Mersin University Library and Documentation Department.

d)    Central Library:: The library located on the Mersin University Çiftlikköy campus and servingall units of the University.

e)     Branch libraries: Libraries established outside the Mersin University’s Çiftlikköy campus.

f)     Branch Manager: Administrative unit affiliated to Mersin University Library and Documentation Department.

g)    User: People who want to benefit from library services.

h)    External User: Those who are not members of the university but come to the library to do research.

i)      Karels (Group Study Rooms) Group study rooms for users attending associate, undergraduated and graduate programs, provided that they have at least 4 people.

j)      Teaching staff and study room:The academic staff our university can use study room.

k)    Cataloging: Defining all kind of materials in the library collection according to Anglo American Cataloging Rules and making data entries.

l)      Materials: All kinds of materials that can be used for information purposes in the library.

m)   Reserve  : They can be used in the library and cannot be lent to users refers to the resources.

n)    Classification: Refers to classifying the library material according to the LC ( Library of Congress ) classification system.

o)    Valuation Commision: The valiation commission is chaired by a Branch Manager, Consists of two librarians.

p)    Library Publication Review and Purchase: Our university teaching Commission: That its staff and studendts will benefit from in education and research activities.Four faculty members and the Head of the Library and Documentation Department to determine the publications refers to the commission formed.


 Article 5 – It’s essential that the library services of the university are carried out from Central                     Library established im Çiftlikköy campus. However, branch libraries may be opened under the Directorate for campuses other than Çiftlikköy camps. Branch library is opened and closed with the same method with the recommendation of the department and the approval of the rectorate.  Compliance of teh bilding to serve as a branch library with the purpose and standards in terms of library services determines.


Article 6

1-Libraries; Requirements for education and research at the university is established in order to provide accumulation of documents, to make these information and ready documents available to users in need, to meet their information needs, for rhis purpose circle .It serves under the general supervision and control of its presidency.

2-Libraries within the university to develop this aim;

a)Provides all kinds of information and documents required.

b)Organizes the information and documents provided so as to be available to all reseachers,         university students and employees.

c) In order to maket he best use of available information resources, th University serves its students ,academic and administratibe staff.


Article 7

It is essential that the library services at the university be organized within a single central library frameworkSeperat unit libraries can be established within units outside the central campus under the general supervision and control of the department. Area within the central campus seperate libraries cannot be established for departments and lowe level units.



Library Function

Article 8

a)     Supports the university’s edcational and resaerch activities.

b)    Our university students and academic and administrartive staff need to obtain information meets.

c)     Supprts the individual and lifelong learning effrts of our university students and academic and administrative staff.

d)    Selects the library material for its purpose, provides it, organizes i in accordance with librarianship techniques and methods, and offers it to the service of the users

e)     Leds the library material for use outside the library

f)     Provides the material requested by the users but not available in the library.

g)    Provides users with quidance and counselling

h)    Niversities ‘DEpartment of Information and Document Management helps students’complsory internships

i)      Other duties related in line with the current  legislation fulfills.



Library Services

Mode of service

Article 9- The services carried out in libraries are divided into two as ‘library services’and  ‘Documentation and Technical Services’.

Documentation and Technical Services

Article 10- All library materials (boks, periodicals, electronic publications, such as audio-visual materials), from the selection to the condition to be presented to the user, includes documentation and technical services. Documentation and technical services  provide below specified.

1-    Selection and Supply Service .

a)     Collection selection-provision services.

b)    Purchase and accrual transactions

c)     Movable transactions (recording, tracking and counting)

2-    Cataloging and Classification Services:

a)     Transactions related to the libraryy automation program.

b)    Cataloging and classification processes.

c)     Oher technical operations.

3-    Book Maintenance and Repair Service:

a)     Worn out in the library collection

b)    Binding


Material Selection

 Article 11- Mathematical requests of the users are made through the academic and administrative units of the University. The selectionof the materials to be provided to the library is made by our department, considering the needs and reqests of the users, the budget  possibilities.

Providing Materials

Article12- Libraries are provided with materials in the following ways.

a)     Materials selected by the Head of Department and approved by the Rectorate aref or sale by the Head of Department.

b)    Real and legal persons can donate materials to the library. Donated  material is accepted after being evaluated in terms of physical and content by the Presidency.

c)     Libraries can provide materials from official institutions and organizations through transfer and exchange.These materials are accepted in terms of physical and content by our Department.

Donation Principles

Article 13- The following principles are taken into considaration fort he materials to be donated;

a)     Library and DocumentationDepartment; boks, periodicals, non-book materials accepted documents and other tools and equipment needed by the library as donations.

b)    The publications to be doated have the qualifications sitable for a University Library, and has not lost its scientific character, suitable fort he education given at the university, or should be clturally supportive

c)     There should be sources that are uo-yto-date in scientific pblications, and in social sciences, pblications that areliterary Works.

d)    Donated pblications are fond in a library collection, allowing multiple use

e)     Library and Docmentation Office for private and legal perseons whose donations are accepted, a letter of thanks is written stating that the donation has been accepted by the Presidency.

f)     The puublications donated are stamped as donations by the Library and Documentation Department.

g)    Promotion publications given by newspapers may vary in terms of paper, printing and content. If it shows, donation cannot be accepted.

h)    Publications not used physically clean, missing pages, stamps, written notes, drawn cannot be accepted as donations.

i)      In terms of content political, etc., directing people Publications containing propoganda cannot be donated.

j)      In periodicals: with publications that do not provide volume integrity within themselves, with the current collection.

k)    The authority and rights fo putting the publications on the shelves or sending them to another unit or institution library as bystander and change for duplicate copies, sending the material that is not deemed suitable periodically belongs to the Directorate of Library and Docmentation. Donors cannot claim any rights or requests regarding donations that they will make later.

Registration of the Material

Article 14- The regisration of the clerk material is carried ot in accordance with the provisions of the Movable Property Regulation.

Cataloging and Classification

Article 15- The library material is transfered to he Anglo American market using an automation program.Cataloging Rules and the American Library of Congress-LC is arranged according to the classification system and the place number is given.

Arranging with Shelves

Article 16- Libraries place the material on the shelves according to the following rules.

a)     Printing books whose technical procedres have been completed. It is placed on racks according to the Lc system and the hatch  service is provided based on the vaf system.

b)    Periodicals are placed alphabetically by publication name.


Article 17-Libraries comply with the following rules for binding procedures.
a)     Binding of the worn materials in the library collection and the periodicals of which a binding is provided.

Article 18

a)     If the library collection is too worn out, the volume and page are all degraded resources are sorted out

b)    Deduction transactions of the library collection that are extracted, Movable Property Management carried ot in accordaance with the provisions.



Library Services

Article 19-Library services, the basic services that constitute effective and effiicient library services from the information resources of the users and the services they provide are listed below.

1-Counselling and Guidance Service:

a)     Promtion service of library services

b)    User training services.

c)     Consulting services.

d)    Control and supervision services of readers and book halls

2- Loan Service:

a)     Member registration procedures.

b)    Lending, time extension, reservation(reserve)

c)     Delay and delay penalty transactions

d)    Membership cancellation and discharge procedures

3-Periodicals Service:

a)     Periodicals collection development and acquisition processes.

b)    Recording and follow-p of periodicals

c)     Achiving the periodicals and putting them into service.

4-Electronic Publications Service:

a) Regarding Databases, e-books,e-jornals;selection and evaluation stdies, sbscription-purchasing, annoncement, tracking, Access and statistical processes.

b) Document supply services and preparation of the information content of the Web Page.

Interlibrary Loan Service

Article 20- The following rules are follewed in interlibrary loan transactions;

a)     In the event that the material required for academic staff, research and educational activities of or university is not available in our library, Interlibrary Cooperation Follow-up System (KITS), and Turkey to the Document Delicery System ( TBESS) memvers for a certain period of libraries ( including shipping owned by the user) can be obtained. Likewise, our library can lend materials to member libraries

b)    Consulting resources, periodicals manuscripts and printed Works, theses, audio-visua the materials are not borrowed.

c)     In the event that the borrowed material is damaged or not returned for any rason, the user is obliged to comply with the related sanctions of the borrowed library



Borrowing Rules

Article 21-

a)     Students, academic and administrative staff of our university can benefit from the lending service by presenting their Mersin University ID card.

b)    Books cannot be borrowed with someone else’s university ID card, about those who act in  this way criminal proceedings are initiated. Counseling resources, periodicals,writing and printed works, theses, audio- visual materials cannot be borrowed, they can only be used in the library.

c)     Academic staff can borrow up to 8 books for 15 days, administrative staff and students for 10 days, Master’s and PhD students 5 books for 15 days.

d)    If the book has not been reserved by someoneelse, users can extend it twice within the periods defined for themm.

e)     If the library material sought has been borrowed by another user, the reservation process can be made throgh the automation system.

f)     If the distinguished; holding within two days after being returned to the library, ıf it si not borrowed by the person who makes the transaction, the transaction will be cancelled.

g)    Borrowing, returning and extension trasactions can be made fram the lending unit. Also library login users from the library web page with their username and password from the automation program can also make extension operations.

h)    Users are obliged to follow the return date of the borrowed material. Besides; 2two reminder messages are sent every week by SMS and e-mail by the library. The third and final warning is made with offical letter.

i)      The users who do not deliver the borrowed book on time, new books cannot be borrowed until they deliver the book,

j)      The user who has damaged or lost and does not return the material to such an extent that it cannot be used. Shall have the same book or a new edition prchased. Fort he purpose of the user of the user of the material, fifiteen days for domestic and two months for abroad.ser the resources who do not return the library materialson time, the delay period of the resources, it is obliged to provide the amount of material determined by the Library Appraisal Commison as a penalty, proportional to members must provide exactly the same foreign material they lost or damaged. If not,it is necessary to provide the latest edition of the relevant material. Users pay he cost of foreign resources that they cannot obtain under any circumstances, by adding %50 to the price calclated over the Exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of the day.

k)    Members must provide exactly the same Turkish material they lost or damaged. In case of not being provided, the latest version of the relevant material should be provided. users pay the cost of Turkish resources that they do not provide under any circumstances, by adding % 50 to the current rail, internal price.

Counseling and Guidance services
Article 22-These are the services provided for library users to access the information they need in the fastest and most accurate way in order to enable them to use their information resources effectively.The purpose of the counseling services is to inform the users about the use of printed and electronic resources, to determine the sources for the information needs of every kind of library user group, to direct the users to the relevant resources, and to provide training consultancy support when necessary.
Electronic Resources Service
Article 23-Academic staff and students of our university can access the electronic resources to which the library is subscribed with the IPs of our university from inside the campus.
Using Library Services
Library Beneficiaries
Article 24-Our university students, academic and administrative staff, as well as external researchers and other university lecturers and students may benefit from cooperation as a requirement of inter-university cooperation.
Library Entrance and Exit
Article 25- Our university students and academic and administrative staff can enter our library with our university ID cards.
Rules to be followed within the library
Article 26-The rules that must be followed by the users in the library are as follows.
a)     You cannot enter the library with food and drink.
b)     You cannot speak lodly in the library.
c)     You cannot talk on mobile Phones in the library bilding
d)    You cannot use cameras, mobile phones etc. in the library without permission. 
e)     Group work is not allowed in halls other than study rooms, tables and chairs cannot be reserved.
f)     Library materials other than borrowable materials cannot be taken outside the building. It is notified to the rectification in order to initiate legal action against the issuers.
g)    Tools and materials that are considered a crime according to the relevant legislation cannot be used in the library.
h)    All areas, items, collection of the library are used cleanly and with care
i)      Computers in the library are used only for education and research purposes.
j)      Those who are used other than this are notified to their units in order to initiate disciplinary action.
k)    Those who use the library keep their personal belongings with them. Library staff are not responsible for lost items.

l)      The materials examined and used in the library are left to the work tables.


m)   Books cannot be shelved by the user

n)    If necessary, control can be made at the entrance and exit of the library.


p)    Users must obey the warnings of the staff regarding the usage rules of the library.
 Use of Group Study (Carrels) Rooms
Article 27- The rules that users must comply with in carrels are as follows.
a)     A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people with Mersin University ID card can benefit from the Group Study Rooms.
b)    Rooms are allocated to users who want to take advantage of their identity.
c)     The rooms are used for a maximum of 2 hours, if there is no demand, the time may be extended, and this period may be shortened during exam periods.
d)    Group study room eqipment should be used with care and cleanliness. A chair entry and exit cannot be made from other halls.
e)     The loudness in the rooms allocated must be at a level that cannot affect other users and services.
f)     After use, the equipment belonging to the room is left as received.During the audit and in case of missing equipment, users who leave ID are responsible.
g)    Group study rooms are not allowed with food and drink.
h)    Books and other materials belonging to the library should be left in the stdy rooms and should be submitted to the lending rule.
i)      If the sage rules are not followed, the users are taken out and the room allocation is cancelled.
j)      Users whose service period has expired must hand over the room. When a time extension is requested, the officer is interviewed.
k)    Users whose service period has expired must hand over the room. When a time extension is requested, the officer is interviewed.
l)      In case of losing the room key, users have to pay for the damage.
m)   For users who do not comply with the above-mentioned study hall usage rules, rooms are not allocated for 2 months.
Miscellaneos and Final Provisions
Working Hours
Article 28-
a)     Library: Open to service except national and religios holidays and general holidays.
b)    Working hours are determined in two ways, education and training period and summer term.
c)     Working hours of the days the library is open to service are determined by the Rectorate and announced to the users.
Reproduction of Materials
Article 29- the printed, audio-visal and electronic items in the library collection resources. Except for the cases listed in Article 38 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works dated 5/12/1951 and numbered 5846, photocopying and similar reprodction cannot be made for commercial purposes. For this reason, all users have accepted the library directive and legal sanctions arising from copyright.
Penal Provisions
Article 30-
a)     Those who case any kind of loaned or put into service to wear out, break, deteriote or disapear to an unusable degree about the damages they have allocated to the working room with users. The provisions of Movable Property Regulation are applied. 
b)    Those who intentionally damage the material and materials, and those who do not provide the final picture or pay the price of the borrowed material.
Users who do not return or provide a new one depite the warning letter are notified to the Rector’s Office for administrative action, or pay the price
Article 31- Academic and administrative staff and students who leave our university for various reasons are not discharged without returning the publications they have borrowed from the library, and no certificate of discharge is issued.
Repealed Guidelines
Article 32- With this directive, the "Directive on the Working Procedures and Principles of Mersin University Library and Documentation Department" which was accepted by the Mersin University Senate's with the decision numbered 2018/69 and numbered 4.
Article 33- This directive takes effect on the date it is accepted in the University Senate.
Article 34- Mersin University Rector executes the provisions of this directive.