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Donation Policy

Donation Policy

·         Library and Documentation Department accepts books, periodicals, non-book materials and other equipment that the library needs as donations.

·         The publications to be donated must be suitable for a university library collection. They must keep their current and scientific characteristics. They must be suitable for the education given at university or support researchers socially and culturally.

·         In the field of natural science studies, resources which continue to be up to date are accepted. Besides, in the field of social sciences, publications holding scientific, literary and artistic quality are evaluated and accepted as donations.

·         Donated publications must have qualification that allow them to be in a library collection and to be used for a long time.

·         Donations are not accepted if promotional publications of newspapers differ in terms of paper, printing and content.

·         Pirated and photocopied publications cannot be accepted.

·         Publications which have not been neatly used; whose pages are torn and/or missing, stamped, scribbled, drawn, or written with notes cannot be accepted as donations.

·         Publications which contain manipulating, political, cultural,ethnic and religious etc. propaganda cannot be accepted as donations.

·         Publications which are officially determined by authorized experts and announced to the public that they may have negative physical, mental and psychological effects on children, youth and young adult user groups cannot be accepted as donations.

·         Periodicals which do not have a binder integrity in themselves and that do not provide integrity with the current collection, and single issue periodicals cannot be accepted as donations.

·         Publications and materials such as primary school and high school course boooks, duplicate copies, lecture notes etc. cannot be accepted as donations.

·         Exam preparation books such as TUS, KPSS, DGS are not accepted as donations to be included in the collection. Although such publications are accepted as donations, they are offered for the benefit of the user without being registered.

·         Library and Documentation Department has the authority and rights to put the publications on shelves or to send them to another department or institution library by donation and exchange for duplicate copies.

·         A letter of appreciation is written to those whose donations are accepted informing that their donation has been accepted by Library and Documentation Department.

·         The publications which are donated are stamped ‘Donated by ………….’ by the Library and Documentation Department.

·         Donors or institutions cannot request that the publications they donate be arranged in a separate place and/or differently from the library collection.

·         Donors cannot make a claim or request for their donations afterwards.