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Remote Access

Remote Access


Proxy settings are required to access the databases subscribed by Mersin University from outside the university.

For İnternet Explorer and Chrome ;

          o From the Internet options

·     Control Panel

                   -Network and Internet

·         From the Internet options

·    Links tab

         o Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

· Automatically detect settings should be selected

· After automatic configuration is selected, should be written in the address part.

For Firefox;

-        Menu

·         Options

·         Advanced

                o Network

                      - Link

                         · Settings

· Connection Settings

Automatic proxy server setting URL should be written in

On the home screen

In the username box,,

o The password for the e-mail address must be entered in the password box.

The problem of not being able to log in to the proxy can happen on the settings or incompatibilities found on the user's computer. On user computers;

- VPN programs should not be active,
- Firewall settings should be checked,
- Antivirus settings should be checked.
- The browser (vpn extensions) should not be active.
- Browser extensions should be checked.